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[edit] Technical overview of scripts.mit.edu

Date: October 28, 2008, at 4:30 PM
Presenters: Geoffrey Thomas (geofft), Quentin Smith (quentin)
Location: 4-231
Notes: Technical overview of scripts.mit.edu (slides)
Abstract: The scripts.mit.edu web script service allows individuals and groups to put CGI scripts (perl, php, python, ruby, scheme, etc) on the web using nothing more than an Athena account. Integrating this functionality with Athena presented certain challenges that had to be overcome before the service could be launched.

In this talk, the SIPB script services' maintainers will describe the design and implementation of the services. This talk is intended to be a technical overview of the internals of the services rather than a gentle introduction to the services (for documentation intended for potential new users, see http://scripts.mit.edu).

Technical documentation about scripts is available at http://scripts.mit.edu/wiki, and the code is available via svn co https://scripts.mit.edu:1111. Our code is released under the GPL.

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