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[edit] LaTeX the Hard Way: Things That Can, But Shouldn't, Be Done With LaTeX

Date: October 26, 2016, at 7:00 PM
Presenters: Miguel Young de la Sota
Location: 4-149
Abstract: LaTeX (and TeX, which it is built on) are "typesetting languages:" they abstract away the finer points of typesetting text, whilst remaining powerful enough to style complex documents, like books and academic papers. Most importantly, however, LaTeX is a Turing complete language through the use of macros.

In this this talk, I will discuss some of the finer points of LaTeX's syntax and macro system, how to write your own macros that generate macros that generate macros, and exciting things like \write18{}. I'll also discuss my personal macro package, texor, which contains some great examples of things that LaTeX should not be used for, such as dynamic font switching and procedural macro generation.

The texor package

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