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[edit] CoreOS

Date: September 27, 2016, at 7:00 PM
Presenters: Dalton Hubble and Colin Hom
Location: 4-231

Provisioning CoreOS and Kubernetes on Hardware (Dalton Hubble)

Kubernetes is a powerful system for operating application containers across a cluster of machines. In this talk, we'll explore CoreOS cluster provisioning and Kubernetes setup on hardware. To start, we'll cover PXE network setup and Ignition, CoreOS's built-in early-boot provisioning tool. Then we'll discuss bootcfg, a service which matches machines to profiles to provision complete clusters. We'll walk through PXE booting machines, installation to disk, and automated provisioning of a multi-node etcd key-value store and multi-node Kubernetes cluster. We'll show how the approach extends across machines and to provisioning many different kinds of reference clusters we work on.

Kubernetes on AWS (Colin Hom)

Kubernetes and AWS go together like peanut butter and jelly - both are popular, and combining them just makes sense. The talk begins with an overview of how Kubernetes is deployed on and integrates with the AWS platform. We'll cover diverse topics including DNS zones, load-balancers, and route tables.

Building on Dalton's talk about deploying Kubernetes on physical hardware, we'll explore the challenges associated with extending the Kubernetes abstraction across datacenters and cloud platforms. We'll discuss cutting-edge features and design patterns emerging in the Kubernetes ecosystem. To conclude, I'll ask the audience to speculate on how the movement towards containerized applications and orchestration frameworks will change the industry.


Dalton Hubble is a software engineer at CoreOS. He builds services and apps for provisioning hardware into clusters and works on Tectonic, CoreOS' enterprise offering. He was formerly an engineer at Twitter and studied at MIT.

Colin Hom is an infrastructure engineer at CoreOS. CoreOS is the company delivering Google's Infrastructure for Everyone Else (#GIFEE) and running the world's containers securely on CoreOS Linux, Tectonic and Quay.

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