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[edit] The Law (copyrights, etc.)

Date: October 1, 2007, at 4:30 PM
Afternotes: slides Keith's IAP 2006 class Lexis legal
Presenters: keithw
Location: 56-114
Abstract: Could MIT listen in on your phone calls and read your e-mail? Does the DMCA really authorize torture? Why did a Republican group have to pay $537 to wdaher one recent year? Do those MIT singing groups need permission to release recordings of other people's songs? How did Aimee Smith beat the rap after getting arrested for calling the MIT Police "fucking pigs"? Could you get in trouble for buying from allofmp3.com?

Keith might not be able to answer all these legal questions, but he will help you learn how to research legal issues for yourself. The cluedump will discuss American law and legal research, how to use Lexis-Nexis, and touch on topics relevant to technology, copyrights, and MIT.

Bio: Keith and co-conspirators created the qrpff six-lines-of-Perl DVD descrambler and the LAMP campus-wide on-demand music service (nyt) while he was a Course 6 undergrad and grad student, and his longtime efforts toward a serious, honest dialogue in the copyright wars may have made him the only person from "our side" to have made MPAA uber-lobbyist Jack Valenti's jaw drop in person.
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