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[edit] Invirt

Date: October 6, 2009, at 4:30 PM
Presenters: Evan Broder (broder)
Location: 4-231
Abstract: Invirt is the software behind XVM, SIPB's community virtualization hosting service. Since we launched less than a year ago, users have created over 400 VMs, of which about 200 are turned on at any given time. At this talk we'll be giving a whirlwind tour of XVM's infrastructure and architecture, including how the moving parts running on 7 different servers fit together. We'll also showcase a few aspects of Invirt that we think are particularly innovative. If you're interested in learning more about virtualization, helping us hack on Invirt/XVM (and we could always use more help), running your own install of Invirt, or just seeing a good case-study on building scalable systems, this should be a good talk for you.
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